Custom Composition

Enhance the impact of your media project with custom creative music composition. 


Carnegie Mellon University - Behavioral Economics (30sec)

At Carnegie Mellon University, behavioral economists tackle these problems using a distinct fusion of economics and psychology. They work to understand why we eat unhealthy food, pay women less than men and avoid — or choose not to believe — certain information. They design and test multifaceted interventions to change the way we make decisions, alter the way organizations operate and influence how policies are implemented. And it works.










Carnegie Mellon University - Work That Matters

The commercial spots in this campaign share a common musical theme, but develop in original ways that suit the specific technology being marketed.  Rick created music beds for both multiple length commercial spots as well as for long form informational videos. More information available at http://www.cmu.edu/work-that-matters/

Farmview (30sec)

 Smart Cities (30 sec)

ScottTrade - Saving For College (30 sec)






Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship - Carnegie Mellon University


*Bronze Telly Award (2017) in the General Educational Institution category. 

This short “explainer” video was produced to introduce the new Swartz Center of Entrepreneurship at a launch event in October 2016, and featured animations of graphic elements designed by the creative team to illustrate the way in which students, alumni and faculty engage with and benefit from the Swartz Center.  Custom music composition and production by Rick Gallagher.